Published On: Fri, Apr 5th, 2019

Carnac says…."This might be the year?"

According to the Observer Dispatch, Griffo, Picente blast new state funding mandate: ‘It’s absurd'...guess they are not happy, huh?
"The shift is an example of additional burdens that keep being put on the counties, state Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-Rome said during a news conference Thursday."

“It’s shifting the cost to our partner in county government,” he said. “The rationale given for that is that there’s going to be a new internet tax and as a result of that internet tax, the county would be generating some revenue. So we don’t want to let the county keep that money to do the important things they want to do; no, we want the county to take the money and redistribute it. ... It’s ridiculous and it’s absurd.”

Let's look back at 2011...

The State of the County Speech
Oneida County Executive
Anthony J. Picente Jr.
March 10, 2011

"...Here’s the problem. Mandates must be eliminated as a first step to capping property taxes, not as an afterthought. Let’s just take a simple fiscal example. Under the current system, my 2012 county budget will be required to add about $2 million to cover annual 3% Medicaid cost increases. A 2% property tax increase raises $1.3 million. If this mandate stays in place, but the state also tells me I can’t raise taxes as much as they raised my mandate, then we will have fiscal chaos."

"And let me go another step further. If the tax cap is passed and signed into law I will immediately call for discussion on the sales tax distribution formula for this county. Make no mistake; this county government cannot sustain itself should a cap be enacted without reform. At that time, unless bold steps are taken to fairly disperse revenue for essential services, County government will be reduced to nothing more than the functions of Public Assistance and operating a jail. It’s that simple."

Surprise everyone!! The tax cap was made permanent in the 2019-2020 NYS budget!

Carnac also says..."There is going to be some more 'absurb' news in the very near future"?

Stay tuned...